TSI Sample Wind Farm Pusher

Event Hub Connection String (copy from event hub instance on azure portal)

Quick fill data

How many days to simulate

Start simulating this many days ago (days)

Data spacing

Time between event timestamps (ms)

Quick stream frequency (fill past / future time quickly)

How frequently to push past / future events (ms)
This will push 1 days worth of events in (3.60 minutes)
This is used for data before Date.now() and after Date.now() (if pushing data into the future)

Live stream data

Simulate live data stream?

If un-checked, simulation will continue to push events into the future at quick stream frequency indefinitely. If checked, simulation will stop at Date.now(), and begin to push data every [live stream frequency] ms.

Live stream frequency (simulates live data polling)

How frequently to push "live" events once caught up to "now" (ms)
[1000 (ms)] will be both the time between event timestamps and the interval at which new events are pushed
Note: this will override the data spacing field above once Date.now() is reached.
When creating Time Series Environment, use these values:
Field Value
Time series ID property name Id
Timestamp property name Timestamp
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