Azure Time Series Insights
Time Series Insights
Sample Visualizations
The Azure Time Series Insights JavaScript SDK (aka tsiclient) is a JavaScript library for Microsoft Azure Time Series Insights, featuring components for data visualization and analytics, utilities for making calls directly to the TSI Platform API, and more.
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Basic Charts
Render a basic line, bar, and heatmap chart
Multiple Series Types
Render a line chart with multiple series types
Context Menu
Render a line chart with a custom context menu
Availability and Line Charts
Render an availability chart which controls the linechart
Chart Options
Test various chart options and how they affect charts
Date Time Range Picker
A standalone date time range picker
Basic Charts with Platform
Render a basic line, bar, and heatmap chart with TSI data
Line Chart with Explore Events
Render a line chart which connects to an events table
Basic Charts with PAYG SKU
Render charts using a pay-as-you-go SKU environment